Bill Gates Spotted At Exclusive California Country Club

According to a source, Bill Gates has been living in a mansion situated in a luxury country club in California since the news of his divorce from his ex-wife, Melinda Gates went public on the 3rd of May after being married for 27 years.


The billionaire purchased the mansion, at the country club The Vintage Club in 1999, for the sum of $12.5 million, and has been hiding out at the exclusive property for about three months.


On the club's website, it is described as the third most prestigious private country club in the United States, and the number most exclusive in California. Membership to the club costs $250,000, and it boasts of prominent members like billionaire businessmen Dennis Washington, and Charles Koch.


Last week, Bill Gates was seen at the country club with his oldest daughter, Jennifer, and her fiance, Nayel Nasser. Jennifer confirmed the report by posting a picture of her and her dad on her Instagram story.

The news of the divorce was shocking and has attracted a lot of attention from the public, so it is understandable why the billionaire has been trying to lay low to avoid the public eye and questioning.


Ex-wife Melinda Gates fled to Calivigny Island in Grenada along with the kids as soon as the divorce news surfaced, to avoid media scrutiny. The island is considered to be one of the most exclusive private islands in the world, costing about $132,000 per night.


While the couple's divorce took the public by surprise, sources have revealed that the marriage has been shaky for a long-time, as Melinda began speaking with divorce lawyers as far back as 2019. According to Melinda, the marriage was irretrievably broken, while Bill, who's an avid golfer, reportedly confided in his golf buddies that the marriage was a loveless one.


The billionaire, through his investment company, Cascade Investment, transferred $2.3 billion in stock to his ex-wife after the announcement of the divorce on Monday. 


The couple's charity, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's, will proceed business as usual, with the management claiming the divorce will affect none of its operations or plans.

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