Black-owned company stocks are seeing support due to the buying black movement

 List of black-owned public companies. 

Investingport has put together a list of companies that you can invest in for those who are ready to support black businesses. There are a number of ways to support the black community, you can either do business with them directly, be their customer, or invest in black publicly traded companies. This post will tell you a bit more about how to go about supporting black-owned establishments.

What goes on in the US stock market is, to a large extent, a direct reflection of what is going on in society today. This implies that the issues in the society directly or indirectly affect investors’ response to stocks and other investment opportunities. For sometimes now in the United States, the society has been concerned with the "#BlackLivesMatter” movement. This revolution was triggered by the inhuman killings of some blacks in the U.S and also by some of the demeaning and derogatory attitudes of the whites towards the black. The movement has revealed many inhuman experiences that have been kept in the dark for fear of further inhumanities.

However, the movement has awakened some sympathy on the blacks’ predicament and this sympathy has affected the response of investors to black-owned stocks. The prices of black stocks are experiencing great change and the demand for these stocks has also increased significantly.

The current attitude of investors is reflective of one popular metaphor by an economist John Maynard Keynes. Maynard once likened the stock market to a beauty contest in which the competitors are focused on picking the prettiest face. The winner of the contest becomes the person who selects the most popular choice even if this choice is not the most attractive. The winner is chosen based on popularity and not on attractiveness. The current surge in the value of black-owned stocks is similar to this scenario. The current societal trend which is the “BlackLivesMatter” movement has affected the black-owned stocks in the stock market. 

Greg Valliere, a chief U.S strategist for AGF Investments, quotes veteran Republican pollster Frank Luntz as saying “In my 35 years of polling, I’ve never seen opinion shift this fast or deeply. We are a different country today than just 30 days ago.”

Currently, the value of the stock of some black-owned companies is skyrocketing. Some of the black-owned companies that have witnessed this great change include; the class A shares of Urban One (ticker: UONE). 

Urban One is a multimedia company that deals in radio broadcasting. The company's targeted audience includes African-America. From the reports gathered so far about the company’s stock, it was revealed that the company’s stock value experienced a great surge in the past week. The stock price is currently at $36.30 and has sold as much as 57 million shares on Thursday. Comparing the current sales to what it was a month ago, news revealed that before the movement, fewer than 10,000 of the company's shares changed hands on an average day. Added to this, the Urban One D shares (UONEK) experienced a similar surge in volume as they hit $4.15 on Friday. This is against the 88 cents a week ago. 

Also, another black-owned company experiencing a great surge in stock price includes Broadcast Financial (BYFC). The company is located in Los Angeles and operates in savings and loans. 

The company’s stock price experienced a tremendous surge of up to 95% last week. The weekly turnover of the stock is 170 million. Moreover, the Carver Bancorp (CARV), which serves New York’s African-American communities, saw a great surge in the price and value of the stock. The company stock soar six times its usual price and traded for the same million volumes as to the other ones. To a large extent, this tremendous surge is a direct response of investors to the current movement against Black's marginalization. The surge also bespoke the economic disparity against the African-American. While there are a series of questions arising out of these great positive changes, the majority believe that the suspicion bothers on the speculator’s dream of profiting from a change in the zeitgeist. 


List of Black Owned Company stocks

Aside from the stocks of black companies mentioned above, some of the blacks owned company stocks that are traded publicly would be examined. 

However before this, it is important to note that some of these companies are small-cap, hence they are not listed in the NYSE or Nasdaq report. As such, they attract more risk than companies traded on the NYSE or Nasdaq report. Notwithstanding, with the current #BlackLivesMatter movement and the surge in the demand and supply of black-owned stocks, there is a great chance for a significant return in investment. Some of the black companies stocks that are publicly traded include:

American Shared Hospital Services (AMS)

American Shared Hospital Services together with its subsidiaries deals in supplying hospitals and health cares radiosurgery and radiation therapy equipment. The company's share is currently trading at $2.00

Axsom Therapeutics (AXMS)

Axsom therapeutics deals with producing new therapy for disorder in the central nervous system of individuals within the United States. The pipeline of the company's product includes AXS-05, which is currently in Phase III clinical trial of treatment for depression and depression disorder. The drug has completed the clinical Phase II trial for the treatment of smoking cessation and still on the Phase II/III trial for agitation associated with Alzheimer's. 

The company's stock is currently trading at $85.79

Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT)

Global Blood Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that deals with discovering, developing, and delivery of the different types of treatment that can be used for underserved communities. The company is currently developing an oral treatment for sickle cell disease. The treatment is known as Oxbryta (voxelotor) tablets.

The company's stock is currently trading at $65.56

Ping Identity Holdings (PING)

This company specialized in providing intelligent identity solutions for the enterprise in the United States and internationally. Its Ping Intelligent Identity Platform provides investors, customers, partners, and workforce access to the mobile, cloud, on-premise and Software-as-a-Service, applications. 

The company's stock is currently trading at $31.96

RLJ Entertainment – RLJE 

RLJ Entertainment is an entertainment content distribution company. The service of the company entails the acquisition of content rights in British mysteries and dramas, full-length motion pictures, and urban-themed programming in the United States, the United Kingdom, and internationally. The company just launched

For more information about the company, see

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