Buying a car during Covid-19 pandemic

‘Buying a car’ and ‘coronavirus crisis’ are probably two terms that would likely not go together. Getting a new car is probably the last thing on the average American’s mind as there are other needs to be met; over 30 million Americans are out of a job and live off government support. 

The uncertainties still surrounding the US economy and global economy makes it quite difficult to predict the extent of the impact the coronavirus would have on the global economy. While now may not be a good time to buy a car for many people, it could still be an ‘okay’ time to get a car, that’s if you have a need for it in the nearest future. 

If you are financially stable enough to get a new car amid the coronavirus pandemic, then you will need to run personal research on the car you intend to buy. You can look up reviews and ask questions. As a result of the social distancing rules and fear of getting infected by the virus, you may not necessarily need to visit auto-shops for better scrutiny and personal interaction. Luckily, there are a number of sites, resources, and tools online that can make research easier. You can also use these resources to view search and view inventory and even initiate a sale from the comfort and safety of your home.

A quick guide to buying a car online

  • Decide and select the car you want to buy: Usually, many people have the car they want to buy in mind already, it makes it easier to move to the next stage. However, if you do not have any specific car in mind and were hoping to get counsel from a car dealer or an expert, then you can make research online on the cars you decide and select. The research should include looking up the make, model, and trim level that fits your need.
  • Look up the car in a dealer inventory: Once you’ve been able to decide the car you want; you would have to check to be sure that it is available in your dealer’s inventory on their website or any trusted dealer. If you don’t find the exact car you need similar suggestions will be made available for you on the website.
  • Contact the dealer: After deciding on the car that you want and ensuring that it is in stock with the dealer, you can go ahead to contact the dealer. The purpose of contacting the dealer is to ensure that the car is really in stock and to begin the purchase process.
  • Demand for a test drive: Considering the current coronavirus situation at hand, some dealers are willing to take the car over to the buyer’s home for a test drive, with safety protocols in place. While others will likely invite the buyer over for a test drive, with all the necessary safety protocols in place as well. It is better to test drive a car before closing the purchase. So, you may want to properly cross-check with the dealer to ensure they allow test drives.
  • Fill out the paperwork: Once you are satisfied with the car and would like to complete the purchase process, you will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork. Some dealers can process the paperwork process online, while others may require you to come to the office to complete the process. 
  • Close the deal and take delivery of your car: Some dealers may consider delivering the car to your doorstep, while others will require you to pick it up yourself at their office. 

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