Can First Republic bank survive?

First republic bank share has sold off by a lot in the past days since the bank run news broke out. Just like SVB, the Silicon Valley bank that is facing bankruptcy due to a bank run, FRC is also struggling as a result of the bank run bit it seems like FRC may be facing a more promising condition due to backing with deposits from other major banks.


We are not saying that we are sure that FRC will survive, at this point, investors should do their own diligence before investing in any company mentioned in this article.


We don’t know the answer to this question but we would like to ask you all, what do you think? Please leave comments below.

Quarterly financials
(USD)Dec 2022Y/Y
Net income386M
Diluted EPS1.89
Net profit margin27.43%
Earnings calls
Dec 2022Beat 4.63%Miss -0.60%

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