Food Tech Nutrition Brand Raises $8.2 Million in Latest Funding Round

Food tech nutrition brand Muniq on Tuesday announced the success of a $8.2 million Series A funding round. The investment found was led by Alpha Edison and Acre Venture Partners, together with NBA star Baron Davis, founder of SimpleProtein Cathy Richards, and other private equity investors.

“I created Muniq in honor of my late sister, Monica, who suffered from diabetes and other chronic health issues,” said Marc Washington, CEO, and founder of Uplifting Results Lab. “It’s always been my aspiration to help people regain control over underlying conditions, with products that can literally transform their health and that actually taste good.”

The nutrition food brand offers products like nutritional shakes backed by scientifically-proven ingredients like prebiotic-resistant starch. The products help regulate blood sugar, enhance digestion, and improve weight management. Muniq’s products are sold directly to consumers online and are available in vanilla, chocolate, vegan vanilla, vegan chocolate varieties, and mocha latte.

“I am inspired every time I hear about the life-changing impact Muniq is having on our customers’ lives,” said Washington in a press release. “As a Black founder, I am passionate about Muniq being part of the solution to help address the vast health disparities affecting Black and Brown communities.”

The goal of Muniq, ultimately is to close the healthcare gap between the White community and Black/Brown community. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many Black and Brown families have been left highly vulnerable to the disease. Muniq is, therefore, on a mission to serve the underserved communities, especially the multi-cultural diabetic community.

Muniq is a food tech nutrition brand belonging to Uplifting Results Labs, a Los Angeles-based startup. The food brand will use the funds from its Series A funding round to expand its operations and advance clinical research. Part of the funds will be channeled towards creating more brand awareness and building its internal team.

“Muniq has established a solid foundation in science and efficacy based on the rapidly emerging clinical research on the gut microbiome,” said Nate Redmond, managing partner at Alpha Edison. “Marc is a mission-oriented and visionary leader, and we are excited to support Muniq in building a better and healthier world.”

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