Here are other Payroll stocks to buy If Intuit stocks is too high to buy at $688 per share

Intuit stock has gained a lot in terms of share price in the past few years and the stock is now selling at $688 per share. Although Intuit Share price is high, the stock is just at $188.06 billion in market cap and this means it has more room to grow.


In the case Intuit at $688 is too high to buy, here are other payroll stocks that investors can take a look at.


ADP   - Automatic Data processing  $238 per share

PAYX -   Paycheck inc. $123.84 per share

BBSI. -    Barrett Business Services Inc. $74.72 per share

PYCR -  Paycor HCM inc    $31.93 per share

Payroll stocks are growing aggressively now because most companies are firing their accountants to use software to do the job. As a result, they are saving a lot of money by outsourcing the payroll and human resources part of their businesses. 

Many small businesses use these Payroll companies on a subscription basis and companies like Automatic Data processing, Paycheck inc, Barrett Business Servervics inc and Payco are the ones taking all the market share and making money for investors. 

Any investors that are interested in investing in Intuit but are concerned about the stock price can check out the other Payroll stocks that we listed above. 

Note: This is not a buy recommendation, please do your due diligence. 


Our fund owns PAYX and PYCR. 

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