Kanye West Gets Time-Out on Twitter Following Improper Conduct, Pees on His Grammy

Music star Kanye West is well known for making the headlines over controversial issues this time around the music star pushes for Black ownership in enterprise. He also expressed his frustration about how he is yet to own the masters to his songs.

On Wednesday morning, Kanye took to twitter these same issues. He explained how African-Americans do not get a fair share of what they really deserve, saying that talented Blacks are mostly used by white-run companies, citing the entertainment industry and the NBA.

“We sat back and watched Nick Cannon get canceled and we go to play ball in a bubble with black lives matter on our backs… brothers let’s stand together for real… there is no NBA or music industry without black people… fair contracts matter… ownership matters,” Kanye said in a tweet thread, on Wednesday.

The singer said he was one of the few successful black entertainers that don’t need to dance to the tune of ‘white bosses’ anymore out of fear of losing a contract or record deal. Kanye also made reference to Universal Music Group alleging that the group denied him a chance to ownership.

Later that day it was reported that Twitter removed Kanye’s tweet which also called out Forbes because it revealed private information. Shortly after his account was temporarily locked. Kanye put out word of Twitter’s action using Rick Fox’ who tweeted: “My friend @kanyewest wants you all to know that he was kicked off of @Twitter for 12 hours.

The temporary Twitter ban was a result of Kanye sharing the personal contact info of Forbes editor and chief content officer. Kanye went ahead to call him a “white supremacist.”

The singer also shared a video of him whizzing on his Grammy award taking his thoughts about black people deserving more than they get to a whole new level. In the caption of the post, Kanye made it pretty clear that he wasn’t sorry for doing what he did and no longer cares about the Grammys nor the awards.

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