LeBron James Pizza Business

NBA legend and pizza lover LeBron James took his love for pizza to the next stage by investing $1 million in Blaze Pizza in 2012.  At the time of investment, Blaze Pizza was growing into a national chain and James opened two restaurants in Miami and Chicago.

The NBA star’s investment put Blaze Pizza on the path to becoming one of the fastest-growing food chains in the United States. In 2017, it was reported that the pizza business had grown to $35 million. It is believed that James now owns 19 of Blaze Pizza outlets.

Unlike regular pizzerias that make group pizzas and sent out in delivery or take out, Blaze pizzeria makes custom order individual pizzas for customers, in a brick oven. Customers are offered a range of toppings to select from such as sausages, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and even corn. They can add as many toppings as they want for the right price.

In addition to their pizza offerings, Blaze has offerings like fruit-flavored drinks and select-dining options customers can order in place of pizzas.

Between the time of investment and 2017, James’s $1 million investment grew into $35 million. His success with Blaze is unmatched among other athletes who have investments in restaurants. He has also shown up for many Blaze yearly events, going as an undercover worker to one event.

James now owns 19 Blaze Pizza franchises. Although the restaurant chain has over 200 stores across the country. According to industry tracking firm Technomic, Blaze Pizza has a goal to hit 1,000 stores by 2022 and eventually have an initial public offering.

James and his business partner Maverick Carter are known for taking small businesses and making a more profitable business out of them.

“LeBron and I have always been about finding companies that we truly believe in putting real money into them,” Carter said. “We’re not talking putting in $15,000 or $20,000. It’s real money plus the expertise, understanding and knowledge that we bring, as well as bringing LeBron’s name and likeness to the product.”

Net worth

LeBron James has a net worth of $500 million, earning $100 million per year.

The NBA star earns roughly $40 million in salary from the NBA, and around $55 million from endorsements every year. Between June 2018 and June 2019 he earned about $85 million.

James has had past and current endorsement deals with major companies including McDonald’s, Microsoft, Baskin Robbins, Beats by Dre, Coca-Cola, Nike, Dunkin Donuts, and Samsung, among many others.

With the money he gets from all his income sources, James together with his business partner Carter is on a steady path to making a billionaire out of James within the decade.

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