LeBron James shoe business deals

Basketball star Lebron James has partnered up with Nike to make his shoes and they are called Lebron James.  The deal started many years ago when Nike decided to make a $90 million investment in Lebron James when he just got out of high school. A lot of people questioned Nike’s decision to entrust that much money to a young black boy. Guess what, the deal has paid off big for Nike and Lebron James.   


Lebron James' collection of shoes is selling a lot of units and the brand keeps getting stronger. Lebron is a very popular athlete and he has become Swoosh’s most influential brand ambassador.

  • LeBron James has a lifetime deal with Nike and the deal is worth $ I billion dollars
  • Lebron's first deal with Nike is worth $32 million dollars before the lifetime deal. 
  • James is not a billionaire yet, but he is getting there. 

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Incredibly proud of today’s announcement! We started building this company almost five years ago and while I love every project we do and every story we tell…I’m most proud of our team and the message we are sending. Over 100 employees with 64% people of color and are 40% female in an industry that averages 25% (we will get to 50%). Our leadership team is a reflection of our entire organization. I want to thank everyone at The Springhill Company for believing in our vision! We closed this deal in March and I knew our work was going to keep getting more and more necessary. Let’s continue empowering others and striving for change and greatness. Some not pictured but surely not missing! We Are A Monster Team! ??

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List of Lebron James shoes



1.    Nike Air Zoom Generation – 2003

lebron 2003

2.    Nike Zoom LeBron II: Released in 2004

LEbron James shoes 2004

3.    Nike Zoom LeBron III – Released in 2005

Lebron 2005

4.    Zoom LeBron IV - 2006

LEbron zoom

5.    LeBron. V -   Released in 2007

Lebron 5 2007

6.    Nike Zoom LeBron VI – released in 2008

Nike Zoom Lebron 6

7.    Nike Air Max LeBron VII - 2009

Nike Airmax

8.    Lebron. VIII. – Released in 2010

Lebron 2010

9.    LeBron 9 – 2012

Lebron 9 2012

10.LeBron X -  Released in 2012

LEbron 10

11.LeBron XII. – Released in 2013

Lebron 13

12.LeBron XII. – Released in 2014

Lebron 12, 2014

13.Nike Lebron XIII (Lebron 13): Released in 2015

Nike Lebron James

14.Nike LeBron 14 – Released in 2016

Nike LEbron shoes collection

15.Nike LeBron 15 - 2018

Lebron James is wealthy and most of his earnings came from basketball, he also 

has several endorsement deals and owns many businesses. 

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