Nigerian Stock Exchange : Summary Of Friday's Market Activity

At the close of trading on Friday, being the last day of the trading week, the Nigerian Stock Exchange saw a total number of 262,510,300 shares exchanged in 3,525 deals. This is worth the sum of N2,438,156,731.32. When compared with Thursday's market, today's data shows a total decline in trade volume of 18 percent, improvement in trade turnover of 37 percent, but decline in the number of deals of about 15 percent. This puts the market capitalization of the NSE at N20.32 trillion.



Gainers and Losers

Friday saw 102 listed equities on the NSE participate in trading, which ended with 21 gainers and 12 losers.

On the gainer's list, Technology company Chams, was on top with its shares trading at N0.22, a 10 percent increase from Thursday. It was followed by UACN Property Development Company, whose shares went up by 9.72 percent. Guinness Nigeria, currently the only total beverage company operating in the company, went up by 9.72 percent to stand at N31.85 per share, while Northern Nigeria Flour Mills went up by 9.26 percent to trade at N5.35.


On the part of losers, oil company Japaul Gold Ventures dropped 10 percent to trade at N0.63 per share, followed by banks Sterling Bank and FCMB which dropped 9.76 percent and 8.9 percent respectively. Mutual Benefits Assurance was also on the list, as its share price went down by 8.11 percent.



For the volume of shares, Fidelity Bank recorded the highest with 46.1 million shares trading hands. Treading behind was FBN Holdings which traded 33.99 million shares. Next was Guaranty Trust Bank and Mutual Benefits Assurance with 33.47 million and 20.45 million respectively.




The All-Share Index did well today, going up 0.61 percent, which equals 236.12 points to end the week at 38,808.01. This is 3.63 percent less than its position last year, but 0.26 percent more than it was last month. Other noteworthy indices include The Premium Index, which went up 1.41 percent, the NSE Top 30, which went up 0.63 percent, and the NAE Insurance ,which went up 0.94 percent.

All in all, this was a pretty good week on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

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