Rapper Lil Yatchy Launches Nail Paint Line

American rapper, Miles Parks McCollum, popularly known as Lil Yatchy has joined the list of Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez in the beauty business. The 23-year old rapper announced the launch of his unisex nail paint line called Crete last week. According to him, he wants the nail paint line to specifically showmen, and boys, that nail paint can be worn by all sexes.


The young rapper, who is worth about $7 million is no stranger to business, and launching his own products. Last year, he entered the crypto market and launched a digital asset on the Ethereum-backed social money network called Fyooz. The digital asset was a social token called $YATCHY which sold for $15 each. There was about 25,000 worth tokens of $YATCHY sent out, all of which sold out in exactly 21 minutes and 41 seconds for a total of $375,000, according to CoinDesk.


Owning the $YATCHY was to give you exclusive access to the rapper, which includes surprise packages from his mom, and personal items from him. Owners of the token also get to attend online parties organized by the rapper, which was a big-deal in lockdown 2020 where nearly every social activity was taken online.

 “I’m still new and learning about the crypto world, but I can tell you I’m partnering up with some very smart people to give my fans some dope experiences,” the Lil Yachty said in a statement. 

A week after his social token sold out, the Grammy-nominated artist released his non-fungible token (NFT) called YatchCoin. The NFT was listed on the auction platform Nifty and ran for a whole day, with bidding beginning at $100. The token, eventually sold for $16,050, $50 higher than what Tyler Winklevoss, the man who runs the Nifty parent company was willing to pay for it. 


Although Lil Yatchy made a tweet in January, where he said he was going to invest one-third of his bank balance into Dogecoin, it isn't clear if he was kidding or actually serious. The tweet has since been deleted and the rapper is yet to say a word regarding Dogecoin again.

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