Stocks are selling off, is it time to find some good companies to invest in?

The stock market has been selling off aggressively in the past few days and it seems like the Dow is heading into the red zone for this month, May 2021. The dow is down 433, the S&P is also down and most people are selling stocks and taking profits.  The tax deadline is here, t's time to pay taxes and this may be why people are selling stocks today. Also, it may be the reason why the stock market is crashing.


Investing is a process, it goes through this process almost every year when the stock goes down and then it picks up and go even more higher. We hope this is another process like that before it goes up, we are hoping this is the volatility that comes randomly after the stock has gone up a lot. 

The cloud stocks are getting hit aggressively, the tech stocks are also getting hit a lot. 


For long term investors, this may be a good time to find good winners and push money to it. It may take time to realize profit but the market is expected to rebound. 


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