The Option of Working from Home

While a few gig and service workers do not consider working from home as so much of a big deal, organizational workers are still getting a hang of this new work lifestyle.

Many big companies that need to stay operational during the coronavirus pandemic have ordered some of their employees to work remotely. These companies have gone as far as drawing up mandatory work-from-home policies for their workers during the global lockdown.

Many employees would be working from home for the first time and not many know how to find a balance between work life and home life.

Working from home could be a great idea for many people under normal circumstances. Unless you are a freelancer it could be quite difficult to adapt to getting your regular office work done at home with all the clamoring of your kids at home and other distractions. Another challenge ‘first-timers’ would have to deal with is staying productive while handling a task in a more conducive and relaxed environment—maybe too conducive and relaxed environment.

‘Set up a workspace’

The good news is, while the first few days for first-time work-from-home employees, may be quite challenges. The rest of the days would be a walk-over if a proper work station is set up. You can convert a part of your bedroom or garage or balcony to a mini workspace, where you’d have minimal distractions.

Having a workspace set up would help you stay alert on your work compared to lying on a bed, working on your laptop or lounging and working. This would also create a consciousness in your mind which would help you concentrate and finish all tasks. It also lets everyone else in the house with you know that you are “busy” and the distractions would be less.

Set up communication channels’

Once your mini workspace has been set up, ensure that your communication channels are properly installed. That way, you’d be able to keep in touch with the rest of your team and your boss if possible. Many times, working within the same office space makes communication easy between co-workers, and more work gets done.

Treat it like a real job’

There are also tendencies of feeling less motivated about working from home, especially for those who are used to leaving the house every morning, well-dressed for work. In order to avoid feeling less motivated about work because you now have the option of lounging at home in your pajamas while working, treat your “work-from-home” job as if it were your real office job.

It helps to take a shower and dress up as if you were getting set for “real” work. Not necessarily over-dressing but something other than your pajamas. That also helps to boost work productivity.

There is no telling how long the coronavirus pandemic will last and how long employees would have to continue working from home. The best you could do is try as much as possible to make your home a conducive workspace. However, parents with little kids may face more challenges shuffling their attention between their kids and work.

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