Top 10 Most traded Nigerian stock exchange Equities by value in 2022

It was a rocky year for the stock market all around the world and Nigeria's economy suffered a lot more than the rest of the western countries. Nigeria was hit by high inflation due to the reopening of the economy post covid. This also means that the Naira’s buying power was reduced by more than 20 percent. As a result, Nigerian stock exchange investors sold off a lot of stocks.  Here are the top 10 stocks that exchange hands a lot during the 2022 trading year.     


Below is the list of the top 10 most traded stocks on the Nigerian stock exchange in 2022.


1.    Union bank  - N194.93bn

2.    MTN.  – N149.39bn

3.    GTCO  N88.27bn

4.    Zenith bank N71.97bn

5.    Bua foods N70.04bn

6.    Dangote Cement – N55.81bn

7.    Seplat Energy N48.88bn

8.    Airtel N46.97bn

9.    FBN Holding 46.38bn

10.Access bank N34.68 bn


From the list above, it appears that Nigerian bank stocks are the most traded securities last year.

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