Tyler Perry is a raising $500,000 in funds to mobilize Black voters

Media mogul, billionaire, and businessman, Tyler Perry is helping to raise $500,000 in funds to mobilize Black voters in Florida.

Perry has partnered with the Equal Ground Education Fund, a nonpartisan Florida group to help increase voter participation in the state, according to The New York Times. Other black celebrities such as Michelle Obama, LeBron James, and Snoop Dogg have also joined in the movement to encourage more black people to vote in the coming elections.

The nonpartisan group comprises of Black leaders who will oversee the “Park & Praise” initiative. The concept of the initiative is to host a series of events and entertainment to motivate Black voters to drop off mail-in ballots.

The announcement officially went out on Thursday, stating that the “Park & Praise” initiative will focus on 25 counties and 250,000 Black residents in urban areas. In addition, the initiative will hold events such as musical acts and gospel choirs to entertain voters while they drop off their mail-in ballots. Social distancing guidelines will be closely followed and other coronavirus safety measures will also be in place.

“A national pandemic, racial tensions, blatant disregard for black bodies, and a presidential election that can’t be won without the votes of Black folks have shaped the way we connect with voters,” said the founder of Equal Ground Education Fund Jasmine Burney-Clark.

“Despite Florida’s historical disenfranchisement of Black voters, our voices will be heard whether we vote by mail or early. Our work to provide robust voter education and ensure that accurate information reaches our communities is the highest priority and is exactly what this partnership with Tyler Perry is going to do.”

Tyler Perry has always been vocal about his desire to see a more united and empowered Black community. In his partnership with the Equal Ground Education Fund, they hope to bring “Souls to Polls.” The goal for the nonpartisan group is to not only improve Black voter participation in the state but to also end a long history of voter disenfranchisement and to build Black political power.



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