We Work stock and Buzz Feed stock are selling off and these stocks may attract short sellers

We-work and BuzzFeed are two companies that came public with the hope to hit the ground running but it appears like it will take a lot of work for investors to fall in love with them.

We-work inc is a modern office space sharing company, they buy or rent buildings, to lease back out to people who need office space away from home.  They serve all types of companies from small startups to big firms that need office spaces around the world. 

Buzzfeed, on the other hand, is a media company that's focused on the news and entertainment. The company will have a hard time finding buyers because they are in a very competitive market and they got listed on the stock exchange during the pandemic.  

We-work (WEstock came public at around $14.97 per share, it's now selling for $8.36 per share,  while Buzzfeed stock with stock symbol BZFD started selling at 12.77 per share but now it is as low as 9.30 per share as of today. 

These two companies are selling off and the future doesn't look bright for them, as a result, they may attract short-sellers who can rough them up a lot more financially. 

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