What stocks are restricted on Robinhood?

The event of last week that forced short sellers to be squeezed out of the top shorted stocks for the year 2021 also put Robinhood trading platform in trouble because the firm ran out of cash and they had to put up more reserve in other to clear the high volume of trades on certain stocks.



As a result, Robinhood restricted trading in some stocks like GameStop, AME theaters, BlackBerry, ALL, and many more.  The move caused some backlash as many people voiced their opinions that Robinhood acted in a way that doesn’t favor its clients.  Also, some Robinhood clients vowed to close their accounts and move to other firms.


Today Sunday, January 31, 2021. Robinhood released a new list of stock that can only be traded with restrictions. Robinhood slims restricted list to 8 stocks, but users can still only buy 1 share of GameStop.


See the list below.

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