Black-owned Enterprise Accused Government Of Refusing To Purchase Medical Supplies From Them

The global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of some states in the United States and other affected countries all over the world have resulted into the high demand of medical equipment like face masks and PPE  Among the worst-hit states in the United States are Chicago, New York City, and so on.

Chicago, among others, is one of the states where health care professionals are fighting day and night to combat the rising rate of people contracting the virus. As such, most medical facilities needed to combat the virus is in short supply in the state. However, despite the urgency of the materials, a source revealed that the Illinois government has refused to engage in business with the black-owned medical companies who are ready to offer their assistance and supply the medical centers with the necessary equipment needed to combat the virus. 

Dr. Willie Wilson, the founder of the Omar Medical Supplies in the United States has contributed immensely to the distributions of medical supplies like plastic gloves, face masks, and so on around the country when the need for it arises. However, Omar consultant and CEO of Boyce Enterprise, Vetress Boyce recently revealed that the Illinois government has refused to engage in business with the company despite the urgent need for some of the supplies available in the company.  Currently, Chicago has more than 25,000 cases of coronavirus within the state and the state is fast running out of the necessary equipment needed to help fight against the increasing rate of the virus. As it is, the state is currently in shortage of medical supplies such as face masks and PPE materials. But, irrespective of the urgency of this equipment, the state government has refused to accept the assistance of these two black-owned medical companies. 

Boyce revealed that the CEO of Omar Medical Facilities has repeatedly called the mayor and the government to offer their assistance but the call has never been replicated neither has any order been made. For Boyce, the last straw was when Gov. J.B. Pritzker spent $1.7 million in taxpayer money on two flights from China to bring back PPE. 

 According to Boyce, Omar Medical Supplies will continue its 100,000 mask donation to the County Jail which is also in desperate need of the supplies. The company has also been donating to the local hospitals in need of these medical supplies. Omar and Boyce still await the government's response to their offer and willingness to help the state fight against the ravaging pandemic. 

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