Entry Level Remote Jobs: Launching Your Career from Home.

Remote jobs are more and more common in today's society; they have gained prominence since the aftermath of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many people are looking for entry-level, remote employment that provides them the freedom to work from home without sacrificing their job stability or career advancement prospects.

It's hardly surprising that more people are embracing the "work from home" culture. You may have a better work-life balance, reduce the cost of transporting to work, and have the freedom to work from any location by working remotely. 

Moreover, remote work is now more viable and accessible than ever thanks to technological improvements, and more organizations are promoting the concept. 

For many organizations, remote roles help increase employee retention levels, brand awareness, and motivation to work.

Here are the best entry-level remote jobs.

These entry-level remote jobs have low experience requirements and pay in a range based on the position and level of expertise. They are ideal for people looking to work from home at the beginning of their careers.

1. Virtual Assistants: They support customers from home in customer care roles, and they can earn up to $20/hr., depending on the pay structure of the organization.

2. Social Media Manager: Social media managers create and implement social media strategies and are paid up to $36 per hour; in Nigeria, entry-level social media managers earn about N50,000 per month.

3. Content writers provide written material for a variety of businesses, including articles, blogs, and website copy. Annual salary average: $54,000

4. Customer care Employees respond to calls, emails, and chat requests from customers and address issues. Average hourly wage: $20

5. Specialists in data entry enter and update information into spreadsheets or databases. Average hourly wage: $16

6. Online tutors help and support students with their academic work using online platforms. Average pay: $20 per hour

7. For print and digital media, graphic designers provide visual layouts and designs. Annual pay Average: $46,900

8. Web developer: Web developers use coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and build websites. Annual average salary: $73,760 

9. Digital marketing professional: digital marketers create and put into practice online marketing techniques including social media advertising, PPC, and SEO. Annual pay Average: $54,510

10. Project Coordinator - Project coordinators help project managers to plan, organize, and oversee diverse initiatives. Annual pay Average: $54,600

There is a remote job out there for you, whether you're interested in administrative work, creative work, or technical jobs. 

So why not profit from the advantages of remote work and start your job from home right now?

Hubforjobs has the best remote job listings that match your qualifications. 

Start your work-from-home journey here.

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