NBA Star LeBron James teams up with Nike to create basketball virtual experience for fans

LeBron James will visit NIKELAND on Roblox "to co-create and conceive a new future of basketball along with its community," to continue the sportswear brand's objective to encourage a lifetime of play, movement, and sports engagement.

Every day, technology continues to influence the way we live, and one aspect of this domain that continues to spark debate is the metaverse. Sportswear brands have rushed to engage in order to stay relevant in this aspect of the culture, with Nike (NYSE:NKE -0.40 percent) announcing its all-new NIKELAND 3D environment on Roblox last Fall. To help promote this mission, the Swoosh has invited LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers to visit NIKELAND and contribute to its basketball-themed features.

Nike will use the gaming platform to build novel ways for real-life training to unlock various virtual experiences, products, and prizes, according to news shared with AfroTech. LeBron will also guide players to realize their maximum potential by explaining a few basketball fundamentals within new mini-games on the new NIKELAND blacktop court.

This next-level strategy will see The King instruct players and teach them the principles of hoops through a series of new mini games, with the goal of encouraging people to get active in their own physical surroundings. In addition, the NIKELAND Showroom will be the first to debut a pair of virtual versions of his iconic Nike LeBron 19. NIKELAND users will gain prizes for their participation after completing the various tasks, unlocking virtual merchandise with Gold Medals. The first two virtual Nike LeBron 19 designs, "The Chosen 1" and "Bron Bites," will make their debut exclusively in the NIKELAND Showroom as part of the new project.

The Chosen 1s follows James' basketball journey from his hometown of Akron, Ohio to Los Angeles, California. The upper "play-away" section reveals visuals from pivotal events in his life. The Bron Bites, on the other hand, will have artwork depicting some of the NBA superstar's "favorite munchies that help fuel his constant performance."

A virtual Chosen 1s basketball arena will be placed at the top of NIKELAND Lake to honor the NIKELAND community on Roblox. LeBron James will be on the sidelines cheering on players as they attempt dunks and other various plays on the basketball court.

From now through February 21, players can participate in the NIKELAND on Roblox fun with LeBron James. The Nike LeBron 19 "The Chosen 1" will be available exclusively in North America via Nike SNKRS and select stores this summer, while the "Bron Bites" makeup will be available globally via Nike SNKRS and select retailers this summer.

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