Rick Ross Partners With Miami Designer To Create Historic NFT

William Leonard Roberts II, popularly known as Rick Ross, has joined the list of celebrity NFT creators with a collaboration with car designer Rich B. Caliente. This partnership between the rap star and car designer has produced the first-ever Porsche 911 art car and NFT in history.


What makes this NFT especially unique, is that ownership includes that of the digital art, and the physical car in itself, unlike other NFTs that only give you ownership of the digital materials.

This historic cryptocurrency was launched with help from NFT management consultancy company, Slashdot.


According to Brad Flaherty, Slashdot co-founder, this Porsche 911 NFT is a physical creation coming to life inside of this digital world.

Other celebrities have hailed this development, saying it bodes well for NFTs in the music space. In a statement, Dr. Dre said, “The opportunity to retain ownership of what we create is gratifying and exciting.”


This NFT made its debut on the 4th of June at the 2021 Bitcoin Conference which took place in Miami and saw notable faces from the tech and finance industries. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the NFT will go to Irie Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering the lives of at-risk youth in South Florida through mentorship programs, cultural experiences, and scholarship opportunities.

Bids for the token are still up and will be open until the 14th of June, using Ethereum. The bids started at $305,911 - the first three numbers referencing Miami’s area code and the last to the sports car.

When asked about the creation, Rick Ross said, “This NFT is super fly. Just splashing paint with the can as art is a combination of the culture with the lifestyle while trying fly things while being creative."


Co-creator Caliente added, “The synergy and energy that we had while we were doing this… it was like a one-off. It’s all our relationships combined and all our passions combined to create something and put it into one tangible asset.”


Caliente, who is a Miami local who 15 years of experience in the automobile industry before turning into a full-time artist, says offering the NFT in conjunction with his colorful 911 was a way of immortalizing his creation in both the physical and digital world.

"To me, it’s very important to have something tangible,” he shared. “So it’s kind of like my twist on an NFT, where you have something that’s a digital capsule, but you also have something that can be enjoyed in real life.”


The NFT market has increasingly garnered attention from people from all works of life, especially those in showbiz. Recently, more and more celebrities like Akon, Lil Yatchy, and Quincy Jones, have jumped on it.

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