Top 20 stocks listed on the Nigerian stock exchange ranked by Market Capitalization

 These are the top 20 stocks according to the market carpitalization. The Nigerian stock exchange is growing steadily and this means that these stocks will continue to grow in market cap as the stock price continues to rise. 

So far, Dangote Cement is the biggest company on the Nigeria stock exchange based on market capitalizaion, Dangote Cement is worth $11.61 billion dollars, followed by MTN, Although MTN was just listed recently, it is graduly climbing to become the second most largest stocks on the Nigeria stock exhange. MTN is valued at $8.62 bilion.  Then we have Airtel at $7.04 billion, Bua cement is worth $5.93 billion, then Nestle is the 5th largest in Market cat at $2.7 billion  

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