Nigerian gateway payment company SeerBit partners with Wix to enhance e-commerce in Africa

Nigerian payment gateway SeerBit recently announced a partnership with Wix, a SaaS platform to create, manage, and grow a strong online presence to boost e-commerce in Africa.

SeerBit is a subsidiary of Centric Gateway, a Pan African tech company that offers easy and secure online payments across East and West Africa.

The partnership between both companies provides Wix a gateway to launch into the African e-commerce space, processing online payments in several local currencies, and giving e-commerce businesses unhindered access to tools to help them build a strong online presence. The companies say that this move is set to further empower the businesses in Africa, as it is one of the fastest-growing payment markets in the world. Online payment in East and West Africa has an annual increase of 17% on average, with total users of about 919 million. Centric Gateways plans to capture at least 60 percent of the e-commerce market in both regions.

“In alignment with our vision of providing innovative technology solutions tailored to bridging payment gaps, this cooperation will boost the payment services industry and increase customer satisfaction in Africa,” said Centric Gateway CEO, Kolade Omoniyi. “This collaboration also allows SeerBit to be a frontline player in driving the growth of the e-commerce and online space in Africa. We are happy to do this in collaboration with Wix.”

Omoniyi added that both brands are set to make history in the continent, emphasizing their commitment to serve their valued customers and reinforcing the company’s mantra “Payments Simplified.” He also said new merchants stand to benefit from the platform, especially the opportunity to grow their business and create a strong online presence in line with the ever-changing digital world. Payments will also be in local currencies, saving merchants the stress of paying in foreign currencies.

About Centric Gateway

Centric Gate is a leading technology-based company that provides innovative solutions across Africa. It also offers technology integration, advisory services, payment infrastructure, and transaction processing across various industries including banking, telecommunications, retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Founded in 2011, Centric Gateway became the first fintech firm to implement on Open Banking Service for leading Tier 1 banks in Nigeria and continues to service several banks across Africa. The company has positioned itself as a leading player in the Nigerian fintech industry with SeerBit as its flagship product – developing the financial ecosystem across Africa.

The company currently has its operations in 9 countries across East and West Africa. It has demonstrated consistent and profitable growth since its founding.

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